Finite Element Analysis (FEA) at heat exchanger of tankless water heaters.  CAE for Heat Exchangers. Combi Boilers.

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Introduction of   PDPD-Magic   heat exchanger analysis sytem of on demand tankless water heaters


Before thermal stress analisys  calculation of fulud dynamics by Pf-Magic  is necessary.

PF-magic is fulid dynamics anslysis software for design heat exchanger of tankless water heaters. 

User can do quite easy parameter fluid dynamics study by PF-Magic. .



Meshing (Completely Automatic) fin by Pf-Magic Data

Transpoprt to PD-magic from PF-magic is quite easy .

User can easily know how Thermal stress at pipe and body caused by thermal expansion.






 Examples of Result of Finite element method at heatexchanger


Following Picures are Full Finite Element Model of Heat Exchanger Generated from Pf-Magic data



Example of Crack Risk at the wall caused by thermal expansion.(Thermal Stress)



Get knowing how fluid dynamics effects to Fin and Pipe and walls Etc.

thermal expansion at fin match depends on fin temperature

and Fin temperature is match affected by fluid dynamics.


Example od Mises STRESS at wall.



Finite Element Simulaion Model of On demmand Dual type Heat exchangers.


Case study of Heat Exchanger length and Thermal stress.  


Example of pipe and fin transformation caused by thermal expansion.  

 Result of Thermal Stress Calculated From Finite Element Simulation.  


 User can select Calculix as a Finite Element Method solver.


Finite element analysis at tankless water heaters Condensing boilers.   Thermal Stress Analysis at heat exchanger.

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